Sell, distribute, and merchandise Foodcrafters products in Luzon and enjoy the advantages of being a Foodcrafters Distributor.

Strong Consumer Appeal

Foodcrafters creates products to appeal to a wide range of consumers that is backed by a strong marketing strategy. Our Distributors benefit from our marketing strategy and our support to help build and increase their earnings.

Enjoy the Benefits

Foodcrafters believes that our Distributors should EARN with us. We created Distributor programs to ensure that our Distributors are successful and can enjoy the benefits of distributing our products.

Start your Future with Foodcrafters

Becoming a Foodcrafters Distributor requires strong commitment to quality and excellence. As such, Foodcrafters has a rigid selection process that is composed of four phases: prequalification, qualification, evaluation and approval.

This process reinforces our commitment to our consumers that Foodcrafters products are of high-quality, safe and great-tasting wherever they purchase our products. Start the Distributor Pre-qualification Process now.